Is Blushhh Music #TheNextBigThing?

Blushhh 1

Could Mathew Knowles new music group be the next Destiny’s Child?

Mathew Knowles upcoming music group Blushhh gives insight on their journey to becoming #TheNextBigThing.

The group members consist of Tali (middle), Sunnie (right), and Bunni Ray (left).

The girls give a Destiny’s Child vibe with  a touch of TLC’s street style.

Blushhh emphasizes on their name by adding two additional h’s on the end of the word.

“Blush means Beauty Lives Under Stone Hearts… That’s why the three H’s are on there; it’s each heart in the group,” said Tali.

Blushhh Music also has a documentary in the making to talk about how they overcame their life struggles while on the road to success.

“We’re actually in the process of documenting our own story. It’s gonna be in the format of a docudrama. Something similar to what Destiny’s Child did on MTV,” said Sunni.

The documentary will share the obstacles that the girls encountered, showing a more vulnerable side that has never been seen.

You can check out Blushhh Music’s website for more tour and music updates at




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