Texas Southern University Alumni Panel

NEWS Squad

TSU Alumni Panelist spoke to students about the importance of writing as young journalists to indicate that the road to success is not always an easy task.

Each panelist emphasized on the importance of writing, and how one MUST know how to write.

“One of the most consistent things you heard throughout the panel discussion was- you’ve got to be a strong writer and that’s very, very important. That skill is transferable to any field of study,” said Malissa Wilson.

Although, the concept of writing may not come easy to many; it is very much an acquired skill to portray not only in the journalistic world, but within other career fields.

One must be able to grasp the basics of writing before learning how to critique it.

“It never dies- being a good writer,” said Erika Harris

Since journalism jobs are hard to come across now-a-days, a journalist should always carry a strong drive with them.

A drive to be successful can gain access to a lot of stray opportunities that you never knew existed.

“Honestly, I think you need to eat, sleep, and breathe journalism… You need to really write and perfect your craft,” said Nakia Cooper.

Also a good way to keep up in the journalist world, is to stay updated on all news programs such as CNN, FOX 26, Channel 13 News, Khou 11, New York Times, LA Times, etc.

Following the write sources can be beneficial to journalist with poor writing skills.

“You need to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE and SUBMIT. Submit it to a professional; somebody who can critique it and tell you what you need to change, then you change it,” said Cooper.

As a journalist, writing should be your craft.


To see live discussion with the panelist click the link down below:

TSU Alumni Live Discussion

To see individual interviews with panelist click one of the links down below:

Ruben Dominguez

Malissa Wilson

Erika Harris

Nakia Cooper

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