What’s next?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump swept to victory early Wednesday morning after becoming America’s 45th President, which caused many to react in a skeptical manner.

Over 80 million U.S citizens casted their vote early last week at local precincts out of concern for what this country has to offer.

“I’m really feeling neutral right now. I just take everyday as the same, but not necessarily for granted,” said Jabari Sherman, junior at Texas Southern University.

Even after all of the nuclear weapon threats that were made by Trump during each debate, last night he vowed to be President for all Americans.

Although, Hillary Clinton has several years of experience with political aspects under her belt, her chances were put at risk when majority of the states were marked red prior to the polls.

24- year- old Mathew Ezirike says that the election does not affect him.

“I mean at the end of the day, you’re gonna wake up, fill your gas tank, go to the same school,” said Ezirike. “What’s really going to happen? What are ya’ll really afraid of?”

Many Americans still take offense to the disturbing comments announced by the new elect-President out of fear of possibly returning to their home countries.

According to government authorities Donald Trump does not have the capability to deportation, but merely the right to advocate his beliefs.

Texas Southern University Political Science teacher Professor Kalan Laz says that Trump will go that extra mile to get what he wants.

“There is no way that he would deport all immigrants simply because it would cost him money,” said Laz.

Trump claims to that he was “reaching out” to U.S. citizens who had not supported him to bring together and “unify” the country.

Broadcast Journalism major Jazmon Gallien says that the voting counts still don’t seem accurate.

“I still think that the voting was rigged,” said Gallien.

Trump pleas for Americans with hit slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ by informing his supporters that his victory was not a campaign, but a movement that privileged him into the white house.

Shortly after Donald Trump’s win, President Barack Obama showed his respect by congratulating Trump and inviting him to the White House for conversation about what’s next to come in America.







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