Trump Becomes the 45th President

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A lot of people may have felt intimidated by the ideology behind a woman becoming the president of the United States. Although Hillary Clinton has several years of experience under her belt dealing with the political aspects of America, a change may arise with Donald Trump. It was stated that Clinton has similar views as Obama as far as the same system that she was only going to make minor changes to. People saw Trump as a “new” and different kind of change, albeit it’s probably not the change that most have in mind but I think he won electoral votes due to that fact.


Trump is also a man; when you look back at all of the presidential candidates they were all male. Therefore one would know a little bit of what to expect from as president although he has zero experience as one. Donald Trump was announced as our 45th president on November 8th, 2016 that resulted in a lot of Clinton supporters to break down in emotional states.


Trump just isn’t fit for this presidency. He is so accustomed to being rich that he cannot relate to those who are not as fortunate. Being wealthy does not enable someone to run a country full of people with needs, wants and desires. From 1999-2012 Trump has played around with running for office, which exclaims why he was never successful with them. He still does not take this whole this seriously, but it just so happens that he won this time.


He believes that the president should always be someone with the most money. In order to “Make America Great Again” a strategic plan should take place, not a last minute idea because a person has money to make it all better. As a president Donald Trump should want to lead the country, not see it as a chance to invest in more money.


This is a country, not a business. America needs a leader, not a businessman. Trump is a businessman simply not fit for president.



President-elect Donald Trump Takes his Concerns to Social Media


President- elect Donald Trump took his concerns on nationwide issues to social media by incautiously tweeting statements on Twitter.

Over the past few months, Trump has taken over the political world after rising to the frontrunner position for Republicans in the 2016 presidential election.

Texas Southern University student Charles Washington says that Donald Trump’s tweets are inconsiderate as well as an embarrassment to the United States as a whole.

“He just doesn’t think at all; he acts on impulse instead of thinking about the consequences. That’s something that needs to change if he is going to run the United States,” said Washington.

During the election, Trump promised to make changes to America by using his social media as a platform to help keep voters engaged.

Shortly after his victory, Donald Trump’s tweets became direct remarks towards ISIS, immigrants, the president of Taiwan, along with several others.

Graduating senior at TSU Martin Adjovu says that Trump is an attention seeker, although he acquires enough attentions, he merely enjoys the right to intimidate others.

“I mean it’s pretty clear that he likes the attention that his supporters give him- you don’t even necessarily have to be a supporter of him to notice that some of the things he say are said in an irresponsible manner,” said Adjovu.

In previous tweets back in 2012 stated that Trump had no interest in what he would say ‘Making America Great Again’; he spoke negatively about the environment while also saying there was no reason China should invest $90 billion in clean fuel sources.

According to related sources, the comments he made about the climate change were not the only times that Trump had spoken against an issue.

19- year-old Radio, Television, and Film student Alessandra Fullerton says that Trump treats his presidential position as a joke.

“With so much happening in our country, we do not need or want someone who sees being the president as an opportunity to treat his title as a television show,” said Fullerton.

Social media was not the first place that Donald Trump took his personal mishaps to- he even recited them during each debate that was held with Hillary Clinton.

In the earlier years of 1999, 2000, 2004, 2008, and even 2012, Donald Trump tried running for office but was not successful due to people of America not being able to take his demeanor in a formal manner.

TSU Journalism student Devonne Houston says that Trump does not care about the people of America; that he just sees them as new ways to make money.

“I believe that Donald Trump was selling himself to his voters during the election with use of his social media platform. He made several promises and threats to people all over the world without thought,” said Houston.

Instead of spending one-on-one time with his voters like many other candidates did as a way to earn votes, he hired camera operators to pan the crowd at his rallies just to show how large the gatherings were.

During Trump’s campaign it was reported that he spent $300,000 just on radio ads alone.