International Best- Selling Author, Lang Leav


Lang Leav’s book of Memories first caught my eyes on Tumblr maybe a year ago. The pages in the book- the book itself had thousands of reblogs (reposts), so I was like hmm, I love what I’m reading I want to purchase this. Although, I didn’t purchase this book right away, the thought of it never left my mind. I finally got around to reading it this past summer of 2017 and could not put it down.

She has a very unique style of writing. Her writing is very emotional; she definitely writes with her heart on her sleeve. I think that’s the beauty of it though. She wants the reader to feel what she has been feeling or what she has felt prior to writing the book. When I first opened the book and flipped through a couple of pages, one read:


For Micheal 

Reading you has made me

A better writer. 

Loving you has made me

A better person.


I’m thinking to myself, who is Michael? Which was funny because I had actually read one of his books long before purchasing one of hers. Micheal Faudet is her partner- he too is an amazing poet. They currently reside in New Zealand together.

Keep in mind that I have read this book at least a number of 3 times. Every time I read it, the same page gets me everytime. Broken Hearts Page 99:

leav memories


Broken Hearts

I know you’ve lost someone and it hurts. You may have lost them suddenly, unexpectedly. Or perhaps you began losing pieces of them until one day, there was nothing left. You may have known them all your life or you may have barely known them at all. Either way, it is irrelevant—you cannot control the depth of a wound another inflicts upon you.  

Which is why I am not here to tell you tomorrow will be a new day. That the sun will go on shining. Or there are plenty of fish in the sea. What I will tell you is this; it’s okay to be hurting as much as you are. What you are feeling is not only completely valid but necessary — because it makes you so much more human. And though I can’t promise it will get better any time soon, I can tell you that it will— eventually. For now, all you can do is take your time. Take all the time you need (Leav 99).

Leav’s writing is realistic. As in this particular piece- she gives you the reality of a broken heart. A broken heart can be from anything that revolves around loving another living thing; whether it’s a family member, a friend, a partner, a dog. Losing them is what hurts. No one heals from a broken heart over night. A person can tell them it’ll get better, or to find someone better, yes that’s true, but people heal differently. People heal at there own pace- it could take weeks, months, or even years for someone to make their heart whole again. So no matter how much a person will persuade you that this isn’t the end of the world at love, to you it may feel that way.

Lang Leav was born to Cambodian parents, but raised in Sydney. Her journey as a writer started when she was just a young girl. She would write a lot of poetry into her journals. She is also an artist who illustrated her own books. Leav self published her first novel called Love & Misadventure, as soon as it was listed for sale, it became a best seller. The first award that she ever received was from Qantas Spirit of Youth for her clothing line Akina. Her poetry was discovered on Tumblr in which she began to build a small fan base.

Leav hand makes all of her books- this lead her to self-publishing because she finds that her self made books are intricate and she didn’t want to let them go. Months later after self-pushing, she was contacted by a literary agent and was then signed with McMeel Publishing company.

In May of 2017, Leav released her very first fiction novel called Sad Girls.


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To learn more about Lang Leav, visit her website: Lang Leav

All rights to poetry listed above goes to Lang Leav.