About Me


Hi, my full name is Janae’ Marquisha [ MAR- KEE- SHUH]  Malveaux and I am a student at Texas Southern University. I am currently in the first semester of my senior year. I must say, college flew by just like high school. I miss being 18 already.

I am majoring in Journalism Print with a minor in Radio, Television and Film. I also enjoy writing, reading, and photography. More specifically I started reading books once i learned how to, which lead to my mom buying me my very first chapter book in 6th grade. Although, I was reading chapter books way before then, I owned my first one at 11. As far as writing I just loved doing it. It didn’t really have much meaning back then, mostly because I only wrote english essays. It wasn’t until now that it truly meant something. For more of an emphasis on how I found my niche for writing, you can visit my #WhyDoIWrite?  tab.

My career goal is to work in production. Whether it’s radio, or behind the scenes, editing. I’m also very good at many other creative things. I love computers, and learning new programs. I am skilled in all Microsoft programs, Adode, inDesign, Photoshop, iMovie, and more recently FinalCut Pro.

I have skills with designing magazine spreads, writing news stories- anything that deals with writing I am able to achieve it.

I hope to one day publish a book so maybe, you’d understand a writer’s mindset a bit more.