Books to read


by: pleasefindthis, Iain S. Thomas

At first I had mistaken this to be just a book of poems, but as I started to flip each page back and forth and analyzing the strange photos- I realized that this was a full blown novel.

It seemed to be a book about romance without portraying the “romantic” effect.

The concept though seemed to be aimed towards a pro-found loved one. Someone that had someone, but lost them- not in a deathly manner, but as a lover.

Although, each photo may come off as random- somehow when you read the text that’s inserted underneath, it all makes sense. The picture, the words, everything.









by: Lang Leav


Now, this is what I call a book of poetry.

I typically go for poetic novels that share meaning and emotions.

This one, does just that.

It is indeed conveyed around a romantic concept. Lang Leav writes this out of her own personal experiences with love itself. This book coincides with her other novel “Lullabies“. Lullabies is more towards falling in love, while MemoriesĀ for falling out of love.

It’s like a recap of all good things to how they all turned in to bad- leaving you with angst, animosity, grief, but moreover with the memories. This is a book that makes you miss that feeling of being loved by a significant other or even having a desire for something that merely never existed in reality.









Milk and Honey

Rupi Kaur


I thought this was going to be another book about the longing for romance, but there I go judging a book by it’s cover.

In fact, the book is the complete opposite. This author, this young girl, found her self, and valued herself worth because of love. She observed things that people tend to keep quiet about. She talks about self love after a bad break up, feminism, real life problems that she encountered. She speaks truth.

But this isn’t just a book, it’s an eye opener.








A Beautiful Composition of Broken



This book is exactly what it’s titled. A broken heart.

You don’t necessarily have to have a broken heart to read this, but in all honesty once you put it down, it just might be broken.