• I discovered my niche for writing in grade 8 when I received a perfect score on a research paper that I did over the Diary of Anne Frank. It wasn’t the perfect score that I was so in “ah” about, but it was my teacher’s response when I asked her how could this possibly be? When she gave the papers back with the final grades, I noticed she did a lot of editing with a red pen. I re-read and thought to myself, how did this receive a perfect score when I have so many grammatical errors? I went up to my English teacher to only hear the response of a lifetime: “This paper was absolutely amazing. It was such a well written paper, that I didn’t even take off points for grammatical errors.” She loved the paper so much, that she shared it with all of the teachers who taught other subjects. At that very moment, I felt, I knew, that I was destined to be a writer. Writing was something that I’ve always enjoyed doing, but it wasn’t until 12 years old, that I realized writing was something that I was truly passionate about and could accomplish great things with. So, why pursue an actual journalism career in writing itself? The world is so big; there is so much happening at all times… each minute, each second- with each letter that I press down on while typing this, there is something important happening… Something that has a story to tell. Well, it just so happens that when I write, I tend to tell stories too.